What is Success?

This is the most frequently asked question an individual asks 100 times a day from others and himself as well. Let me try to put it in simplest way. It's a ongoing discussion from so long that for different individual the definition of success could be different, but the fact is the actual definition of success is only one. But before proceeding to the actual definition of success let's try to figure it out from an analogy. Assume that In our matriculation exam we have 5 subjects Maths, Science, English, SST, Hindi. One student named Chetan scores 65, 67, 59, 70, 62 respectivelly in above 5 subjects out of 100 in each subjects. Other student named Rohan scores 99, 28, 80, 20, 88 in the same way as above. Chetan will be considered as Pass while Rohan will be considered as Fail with assumption that 30 is pass marks out of 100. So here Chetan is someone who is not extremely brilliant in any subject but he has good understanding on each and every subjects. On the other hand, Rohan is someone who is extremely brilliant in one or two subjects but couldn't score even average in other subjects. This is how real life is. In real life there are various aspects of life such as Health(Mental + Physical), People, Finance, Hobbies etc. Pass in real life means you have to be good at all aspects of real life. If you are only physically fit having 6 abs then you can start working at 8000rs per month in a zym while a lean guy software engineer Rs 2,00,000 per month. If you spend whole day in yogas and meditation then you are a saint and not enjoying the real life. You are not enjoying the most part of this world. If you have your beautiful girlfriend and lovely family but you don't have enough money then you can't lead a good life with them. If you are super rich but your health is not good then there no use of such money, in later phase of life you can suffer with some disease that is not curable. These examples above says that you can lead a healthy life only when you manage to keep all the aspects of life maintained. This lead us to give a customizable definition of success: Success is maintaing a proper balance among various aspects of your real life. That various aspects could be different for different individuals. but few are common for sure such as Health, People, Finance.


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