What is the Purpose of life

It's the Important Question of Our life since without any purpose we can't have clarity in life about what to do and why to do.

So let's try to dig deeper.

Human in our era lives their lives in three stages.
  1. Survival.
  2. Standardization.
  3. Competence.
  4. Spirituality.
1. Survival

A normal person i.e most of the population lives their lives for survival, they rush here and there just to look for the resources for daily needs.

They constantly think about how to collect enough money or resources so that they can run their family expenses well.

The people falling under this category don't even think which brand to eat or wear but they just think about how to reserve the things so that for next more months or years or generations they can live their lives well.

Here people cares about how to get ANY job to earn money.

In short they are busy in collecting resources such as food to eat, home to live, transportation to travel etc.

If you are doing just anything just to earn money then you are in this category.

2. Standardization.

Once an individual feels that they don't have any issue with survival i.e such kind of people never struggle for survival. They have enough money to eat to wear to enjoy to stay in normal standard. 

It's not a concern at all that from where they have gotten this much money or resources but the concern is they never struggled for survival.

Once they have everything now they start enhancing their standard like to wear good clothes, to eat healthy nutritious foods, to stay in good home, to have a bike/car etc.

This is also the phase where many people start thinking about their Interest & Passion, what do they like and what they don't. Here they start seeking for INTERESTING jobs to earn money.

3. Competence.

Once they can buy any branded clothes, accessories, foods, homes, cars now they think to compete others.

But still to a certain level competency lies in everyone's mind at all stages in one's life. 

Have you even noticed why Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg, Mukesh Ambani still works day and night even if they have such huge money that their next 100 generations can live the life they will want.

The reason is they have gotten into the competency.

The Richest Person has 100B then second richest person has 99.5B and this keeps them motivating to work harder constantly.

Have you even observed sensibly that why an old aged person who is about to die today or tomorrow but he can't give you a single coin even after knowing that after his death there is no use of money  for him but the point is why does he do this?

The reason is as a human being competency is all set in our mind and it is so rooted that one don't need to put effort to be competent. So where is the competency here?

That old aged person know that even if he dies this single coin that he is not willing to give you will go to his grandson and it can help the grandson to compete the neighbor old aged's grandson.

4. Spirituality.

Once you win the race over others and you are sufficiently sensible towards your real life.
at this moment you may feel that while trying to defeat others you rushed whole life here and there, struggled a lot but you lived life of others with whom you were competent. 

You ran in your life just like a dog runs behind a piece of bone, just like horse with blinders and at the end you realise that you are yourself defeated while trying to defeat others. Since you missed so many aspects of your own life and you coudn't give enough time to yourself.

This is the stage where only those person can reach who has the power of self realization about real life.

In this stage of life, an individual starts living his own life peacefully with content along with family. They prefer to spend times with friends, doing things that gives them happiness, satisfaction and joy. 


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