How to find a life Partner

How to find a good life partner?
What are the things One should look for in a life partner?

There are 4 things that can help you to find good life partner.
  1. A - Ability.
  2. B - Beauty.
  3. C - Character.
  4. D - Descendent.
Below article is written assuming Boy looking for a girl. But things are valid in both cases.


  • Your partner should be equipped with such an ability that you don't ever get messed up in a nonsense argument for minor things.
  • Home is not a court where two partners should advocate to prove himself/herself to be right.
  • It should be such that any discussion over a matter should be aim to reconcile the conflicts to get the better solution of a problem and here both the parties should have nice intention during the discussion. 
  • Your partner should be compatible/understandable/intelligible wrt you to such extent that you don't get bored even if you keep talking to her for any longer.
  • Beauty is more important than physical physique (curve in girl and muscle in men) in long term relationship.
  • Your life partner should possess suffice beauty to attract you towards herself otherwise it's natural that you will be attracted towards another girl and it can spoil your relationship with your partner in long term.
  • Character of your partner should be such that in her absence you should be in position to concentrate on your work instead of spying on her.
  • If a girl is showing proof of good character by any means, but if you are getting disturbance because of her behaviour that seems to be characterless then you don't have to try to collect the proof to prove her characterless, just move on yea this is life is. 
  • For example If a girl claims that she is virgin but she is usually seen with different male friends in close proximities and this activity of hers disturbs your mind. It means she can be a good girl for other boys but that's not for you for sure. 
  • On the other hand if a girl is proven to be guilty in society in such kind of characterless behaviour but without knowledge of her past you got close and spending a good healthy relationship with her, it means that's the right choice for you.
  • At the end when you finalise a girl and agreed to get arrange married, you and your partner are not the only part of this marriage.
  • Arrange marriage means the good compatibility/understanding between two family. Trust on elders experience, even proofs are there that suggests that marriage life goes smoother without much conflicts if it's done by matching the compatibility of both family.


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