What is the Purpose of life

It's the Important Question of Our life since without any purpose we can't have clarity in life about what to do and why to do. So let's try to dig deeper. Human in our era lives their lives in three stages. Survival. Standardization. Competence. Spirituality. 1. Survival A normal person i.e most of the population lives their lives for survival, they rush here and there just to look for the resources for daily needs. They constantly think about how to collect enough money or resources so that they can run their family expenses well. The people falling under this category don't even think which brand to eat or wear but they just think about how to reserve the things so that for next more months or years or generations they can live their lives well. Here people cares about how to get ANY job to earn money. In short they are busy in collecting resources such as food to eat, home to live, transportation to travel etc. If you are doing just