Projects to be worked on

These are the real projects where you should deploy your talent if you think you are challenging. 1. Protection of Human Species from Natural Disaster such as Flood , Earthquake, Storm, Cyclone etc. 2. Save the Nature  by utilizing natural unlimited resources more and more such as sunlight, air, water  etc. 3. Educate the people in such a way minimal num bers turns a terrorist. 4. Invent the Antedote for  bio- Weapon.    5. Landing on moon is a waste, I guess if the same effort is put on reducing the pollution at earth and enhancing the factors affecting human life on earth planet, then earth itself will become haven.     

What is Success?

This is the most frequently asked question an individual asks 100 times a day from others and himself as well. Let me try to put it in simplest way. It's a ongoing discussion from so long that for different individual the definition of success could be different, but the fact is the actual definition of success is only one. But before proceeding to the actual definition of success let's try to figure it out from an analogy. Assume that In our matriculation exam we have 5 subjects Maths, Science, English, SST, Hindi. One student named Chetan scores 65, 67, 59, 70, 62 respectivelly in above 5 subjects out of 100 in each subjects. Other student named Rohan scores 99, 28, 80, 20, 88 in the same way as above. Chetan will be considered as Pass while Rohan will be considered as Fail with assumption that 30 is pass marks out of 100. So here Chetan is someone who is not extremely brilliant in any subject but he has good understanding on each and every subjects. On the other hand,

How to find a life Partner

How to find a good life partner? What are the things One should look for in a life partner? There are 4 things that can help you to find good life partner. A - Ability. B - Beauty. C - Character. D - Descendent. Below article is written assuming Boy looking for a girl. But things are valid in both cases. Ability. Your partner should be equipped with such an ability that you don't ever get messed up in a nonsense argument for minor things. Home is not a court where two partners should advocate to prove himself/herself to be right. It should be such that any discussion over a matter should be aim to reconcile the conflicts to get the better solution of a problem and here both the parties should have nice intention during the discussion.  Your partner should be compatible/understandable/intelligible wrt you to such extent that you don't get bored even if you keep talking to her for any longer. Beauty. Beauty is more important than physical physique (curve in girl and muscle in me

What is the Purpose of life

It's the Most Important Question of Our life, since without any purpose we can't have clarity in life about what to do and why to do. So let's try to dig deeper. Human in our era lives their lives in three stages. Survival. Standardization. Competence. Spirituality. 1. Survival A normal person i.e most of the population lives their lives for survival, they rush here and there just to look for the resources for daily needs. They constantly think about how to collect enough money or resources, so that they can run their family expenses well. The people falling under this category don't even think which brand to eat or wear but they just think about how to reserve the things so that for next more months or years or generations they can live their lives well. Here people cares about how to get ANY job to earn money. In short they are busy in collecting resources such as food to eat, home to live, clothes to wear and transportation to travel et